When you are in the retail business, inventory is everything. Not only do you have items that customers are excited about, but also need to have enough stock to keep up with the demands and expectations. What happens, though, when a store does not have enough retail space to store the extra stock, or the amount of stock they need is variable? This very problem is what Family Farm and Home was trying to solve.

The Problem

Prior to working with GRIP, Family Farm and Home, or FFH for short, needed an inventory solution for two key areas of their retail groups: Tarp and Rabbit accessories. Concerning their previous tarp line, one major issue FFH kept running into was, when the tarps arrived, they needed to be crossed docked through FFH’S warehouse and were only delivered in large case quantities. With over 65+ FFH locations across the Midwest, some stores do not always need the same stock as another store at the same time. For example, one location may need 10 pieces of a heavy-duty tarp in two weeks, while another store does not need the tarps until three months out, and another store does not need the tarps at all. Yet, FFH was forced to order a large quantity of the various tarp types, causing valuable warehouse space to be wasted and, in the long run, lost opportunities. This is a similar story to what was happening with FFH’s rabbit accessories, but this situation had an extra special request. In addition to this request, FFH also wanted to experiment with private labeling of said items. This would allow for customers to recognize that these items were only unique to FFH, thereby creating brand recognition and a deep sense of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Products are of good quality and GRIP responds to suggestions to improve and differentiate the product to our needs.

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The Solution

With GRIP, FFH hoped to find a strategic partner for their tarp line who would ship directly to their various stores, ship in less than case quantity if the store required it, and the ability to combine with other orders of items that GRIP was already supplying to their stores. FFH got that, and so much more. Since implementing GRIP tarps within their stores, FFH’s biggest takeaway from the switch is more consistent stock option for the individual store’s inventory, while lowering overall inventory for FFH’s warehouse. This has allowed some necessary space to finally be freed up in the warehouse in which FFH can focus on bringing in more new and exciting items for their customers.

Speaking of customers, they have accepted the new tarps in a big way. Besides being able to display the tarps in the stores in a more appealing way, GRIP was able to provide each store with a swatch of all the different tarp types. This allows for customers to feel the quality of tarps before purchase, causing them to trust that they are getting a good deal on a great product. As for the rabbit accessories, FFH had other options to direct import these items from, but GRIP was willing to do their private labeling in an effective and timely matter. In addition, GRIP has also been able to warehouse the items for FFH so do not have to take full containers into their warehouse.

All in all, the partnership between GRIP and Family Farm and Home has proven to be and will continue to be a successful venture for both parties. Between these two special projects, and so many more, GRIP items have provided better margins, unique promotional opportunities, crucial private labeling, and strong vendor support. Not only does GRIP strive to keep their prices fair, but when combined with the ability to warehouse items for the clients, their value to businesses becomes that much stronger. Even when things go awry, GRIP’s exceptional customer service keeps FFH informed in a timely matter. A fast order fulfillment time is something GRIP prides themselves on, and to be recognized by FFH for giving them that is testament to how GRIP cares about their clients and will continue to put them first.

[GRIP Sales Rep] Ryan, it has been a true pleasure working with you over the past 3+ years. You always maintain an exceptional level of dignity, ethics, and solid business sense.

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